Thursday Notes

An update on progress with Tana

Thursday Notes

Productivity nerds and the kind of people that call notebooks a "second brain" will be thrilled to learn that I am currently all in on Tana. It actually feels like my mind had melded with the matrix - after a period of struggling against the way Tana organises information, the Doors to Perception swung wide, and I realised that this system actually works like my brain and that my brain was trying to organise information in a hierarchical files and folders system that actually made no real sense to it.

Now, Tana feels like an extension of how I think. Everything I need is right there when I need it, and there's no need to click around looking for stuff and never any question at all about where something new should be filed (answer; just leave it where you made it and, so long as it was tagged, it will reappear wherever you need it).

The app is not perfect, obviously. I don't think it deals with weblinks or PDFs very elegantly, and I'm writing this in (stripped-down) Obsidian because that is still a better place for plain text and long-form writing (with easier export). But Tana is in its infancy and, with the right kind of TLC, could become something incredible.

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Have a good one.