Announcing Temporal

Announcing Temporal

As you may have seen elsewhere, our new audio series TEMPORAL is set for release on August 1st.

I'm going to write more about how this came to be sometime soon, but this is the first show that my company Storypunk has produced. We financed it independently, produced it with Sweet Talk, and sold it as a finished product to Audible, and to Amazon for television.

This is the most ambitious audio show I've made, the first time I've worked with a writers' room in audio, and the first time we have recorded almost and entire show with binaural microphones and then mixed the whole thing in Dolby Atmos. Temporal sounds AMAZING.

I'm confident that this is the largest cast ever assembled for a show like this, and it includes Sanjeev Bhaskar, Jessie Mei Li, Nicola Walker, Jana Carpenter, Kyle Soller, Don Gilet, Phoebe Fox, Steven Mackintosh, Mark Bazeley, Barnaby Kay... Alongside pretty much everyone else you've ever heard in Lovecraft Investigations or Aldrich Kemp.

It was written by me, Bec Boey, Nosa Igbinedion and Richard Maclean Smith (who writes and hosts the excellent Unexplained podcast).

The story is mostly under wraps, but it concerns a Martian colony a thousand years from now, sending teams back in time to Earth to find out why the human race spontaneously vanished from the face of the planet.

If you head over to your Audible account, you can add the show to your library in advance of release.