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My three recent podcast series for Sweet Talk Productions/BBC Sounds, THE CASE OF CHARLES DEXTER WARD, THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS and THE SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH (collectively known as The Lovecraft Investigations) are widely available online at the BBC or by clicking this Apple link:

‎The Lovecraft Investigations on Apple Podcasts
‎Fiction · 2020

Throughout these shows, THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS especially, mention is made of events like the "Blake House murders" and "Pleasant Green". Further illumination on these, and other matters, can be found in many of my earlier plays for Radio 4. I don't have access to all of these at the moment, but I'll post a selection here and hope it can grow over time. All of these plays were produced by Karen Rose for Sweet Talk Productions.

This first, FRAGMENTS, features the original mention of Pleasant Green:

Fragments (2007)

THE LISTENER is a sci-fi/psychological drama:

The Listener (2008)

BAD MEMORIES details the events of the Blake House murders:

Bad Memories (2011)

KOKOMO tells of a gang of terrorists who have taken all of the information in the world hostage:

Kokomo (2013)

FUGUE STATE is the story of what happened to Pleasant Green:

Fugue State (2016)

And here's the first of the MYTHOS adventures, which introduces The Department. Worth noting that Jonathan Hicks was the prototype for Matthew Heawood in the podcast series, and that this first adventure spins off directly from the events in FUGUE STATE:

And, at long last, the next two Mythos adventures are also now here, in their original broadcast quality.

MYTHOS: GLAMIS introduces the character of Parker for the first time:

And MYTHOS: ALBION is just all quite crazy: