Thursday 04 May 2023

A possible change of direction, some Lovecraft, sunken lanes and secret passages.

Thursday 04 May 2023
Photo by NEOM / Unsplash

So, as I’m building out the new iteration of Notion that I’m using for everything, I now have a section in the main dashboard for Cartoon Gravity content, which means I can add stuff to these posts throughout the day, and just upload them as and when.

This is going to make them more freeform, and it probably means that they will reward those with RSS readers (and potentially Twitter followers) more than anyone else.

The Medial Afterlives of H.P. Lovecraft is a book of academic essays about adaptations of Lovecraft’s work. Justin Mullis has contributed a really extraordinary essay on The Lovecraft Investigations. Be warned, though, Being an academic publication, this thing is NOT CHEAP.

Shout out to (not boring) for creating an amazing, simple and beautiful range of iPhone apps.

A nice piece on Europe’s sunken lanes, and A Brief Compendium of Places with Secret Passages.

Have a good one.