In praise of Nebo...

I've been using the Nebo app with good results.

In praise of Nebo...

I'm writing this post on Nebo, which is a really fun handwriting app on the iPad that I’ve been using a lot this week to pen a concept document for a Netflix show. The app works with the Apple Pencil and converts handwriting into text as you go. Not only can this thing make a very decent stab at reading my scrawl, it has even managed to do it on the bus and the tube over the last few days.

Practically what this means is that the rough stuff I usually write out on paper before diving into the typing actually BECOMES the typing. This has freed me from the desk for some welcome hours.

I don't usually love the iPad for drawing or scribbling because it's too... glass. But I just got a PAPERLIKE screen protector which does an amazing job of making the screen feel as much like paper as it's ever likely to.

Nebo acts as a notebook in its own right but I don't love how it does that (nowhere near as good as Good Notes 5). It's very easy, though, to share files to Ulysses, IA Writer or Drafts or convert them to PDF.