Audio Updates

The Lovecraft of it all...

Audio Updates
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash

We wrapped recording on Lovecraft Investigations 4 on Wednesday evening, and it all went very well indeed. We spent five fun-filled days on location in a (REALLY) remote house in the countryside, which gave us pretty much every sound environment we needed.

Most of the familiar faces were there, alongside some new people - we're introducing a couple of major new characters this time around. There were also, unfortunately, a few notable absences.

Now we're into the edit, which also involves cutting down each episode for the Radio 4 slots (BBC Sounds and the podcast apps will carry the full versions, which will include a whole story strand that will be absent from the Radio 4 broadcast).

We're expecting the series to be released in October and I'm teasing a major new story for Season 5, but we won't know for a while if we're getting the go-ahead on that from the BBC.

In the meantime, casting continues on the Pleasant Green movie that I've mentioned before. Obviously that's all shrouded in secrecy, but it seems to be moving in the right direction.

A third season of Aldrich Kemp has been pitched to the BBC, and we'll find out if that's happening later this summer.

And if anyone remembers me talking about a big sci-fi podcast that we made during the pandemic, I can now reveal (I think) that it was sold to Audible. We're finessing it a little over the next few months and Audible plans to release it with a bang in 2024.

You are now officially up to date.

Have a good one.