Comments are live!

Comments are now live on the site, plus MyMind, and a couple of book recommendations.

Comments are live!
Photo by Justin W / Unsplash

Comments, not comets. If you are a member of the Cartoon Gravity site (ie if you get this newsletter) then you are already a member and can comment below any post on the site (including the newsletters).

I have had a bunch of emails from people about the podcasts and various other posts in recent weeks, and I'm pleased that Ghost (the website host) have finally figured out an admin-free way to include comments. I have a sense that there is a community out there and I hope it will slowly start to emerge on the site.

I still like receiving your emails, but I do treat responding to emails as an admin task and so the responses can be a little brief. Hopefully we can al start to engage with each other a little more fully on the site.

By way of not clogging your inbox with nonsense, some useful recommendations...

I just read Tobias Van Schneider’s latest newsletter where he details the trials and tribulations of building MyMind. The link to that newsletter is here, but I think you need to be a subscriber to read it.

So my first recommendation is that you subscribe to Tobias’s letter, which is always interesting.

And my second recommendation is that you try out MyMind, which is one of the most useful apps I’ve ever come across.

I am also in the process of trying out, which is an ambient sound app, primarily useful for focus sessions, reading and relaxation. There is a lot of quite interesting science behind this one and I am finding it seems to work very well.

Also, I read Ordinary Monsters by J.M. Miro while I was on holiday and it is AWESOME.

Following some close encounters with a pod of pilot whales and some dolphins last week, I am now reading The Swarm by Frank Schatzling, which is brilliant so far - basically the deep sea version of Hitchcock's The Birds.

I'm currently toying with the idea of getting rid of a big chunk of my book collection and consolidating everything onto my Kindle. Has anyone else tried this, and did you come to regret it? (Answers in the comments!)