Morning Pages

Coppola, ants on porcelain, the Paris of tomorrow, Selling Mayfair, Kirby Ferguson on Tarantino.

Morning Pages

A gentle start to the week, I think. I read this piece on Francis Ford Coppola at the weekend, which was inspiring at least insofar as this guy is 82 and seems to have exactly the same energy levels he has sixty years ago.

A couple of fun things from the usual sources:

Painted Ants Crawl Across Vintage Porcelain Dinnerware by Evelyn Bracklow

The Paris of Tomorrow That Thankfully Never Was

Over on Longreads (one of the best sites on the web) I stumbled on this piece: Selling Mayfair: The Very Different World of Prime Central London Realtors. The Guardian article mentioned within it is a fascinating piece.

Also on Longreads: Charting Worlds: Five Longreads About Maps

And lastly, Kirby Ferguson has mades a really nice little film exploring the reality behind Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood":

Have a good Monday.