Tuesday 16 May 2023

On Capacities, Lovecraft Investigations, and some interesting links.

Tuesday 16 May 2023

I'm back in the Capacities app this morning, having had a wobble on it at the weekend because it let me delete a whole bunch of stuff, irreversibly, on one accidental button click. That was a combination of my own damn fault and the app being young and not yet fool-proof. But I'm back because, as a way of organising ideas and information, this thing seems to be second to none. I'll keep going and see how it builds out.

The latest Cartoon Gravity newsletter should have been out at the weekend, but I wrote a whole thing, read it back, and realised it was unutterably dull. So I'm reworking it over the next few days.

Despite being on strike (as a WGA member), I am nonetheless approaching work-overwhelm as I work through a bunch of projects that are not WGA-related  - chief among them is the fourth season of Lovecraft. Writing this show always nearly kills me, and this season is no different. People wouldn't like those Eleanor Peck scenes nearly as much as they do if they had to actually write the damn things!

Some links for a sunny Tuesday morning:

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Have a good one.