The Shadow Over Innsmouth - UPDATE

A progress update on The Shadow Over Innsmouth

The Shadow Over Innsmouth - UPDATE

I’m barely on social media these days, but whenever I do check accounts, there are inevitably messages from people asking when/if there will be a third season of the podcast. So this is by way of an update on progress.

Firstly, yes, as hinted at the end of The Whisperer In Darkness, there will be a third season, called The Shadow Over Innsmouth. It’s going to be eight episodes long (probably) and I have just finished the script for episode 6, so two to go.

The story involves Kennedy Fisher heading to New England to research her family history and Matthew Heawood going to Iraq to try to figure out what happened to Kennedy during the period when she “lost time”. We're also visiting Paris for a bit and looking into the mythology of the Count Saint Germain.

This is intended to be the last series in this cycle, so I'm trying to wrap up the story as best I can (Lovecraftian tales do not really lend themselves to a concrete conclusion or happy endings). There may well be other podcasts set in this same universe in the future, but we're going to at least end this storyline with Season 3.

I'll have the last two scripts ready in a few weeks and then we'll be recording them. Obviously, there are issues with the recording due to coronavirus, so we're not yet sure how it's all going to work. Usually we record everything on location, taking the whole cast somewhere for a week or so and making use of buildings, landscape, etc. We may not be able to do exactly that this time, and so the time spent recording this may extend. The intention is that you'll be able to hear the series in December, but I have to be cautious right now and say that this is what we're aiming for but no one really knows what is going to happen between now and then.

So that's all the news I can share. If you happen to see anyone asking about season 3 on social media, please point them to this post.