New thinking on a website...

Some updates on systems and a new website idea.

New thinking on a website...

My Trello schedule is insisting that I post something on here today and I am already to slave to it, so here we are. The Trello boards are working very well, not just the Daily Schedule board but planning/research boards for all ongoing projects. These are paired with Good Notes notebooks filled with notes and research which sync across all my devices at lightning speed and are infinitely searchable (I found a series of articles on American Monsters, arranged by state, last night and they all went in to one of these books so I now have a bespoke encyclopaedia of American Cryptozoology).

I have ditched Ulysses and its closed-system in favour of going back to IA Writer, which is a much more satisfying and focus-based plain text editor that leaves my text files exactly where I want them to be and doesn't try to bundle them up and hide them from me. (I had a fatal sync error on Ulysses at the weekend and everything that had been on my iPad mysteriously vanished - that's a one-strike-and-you're-out situation). IA Writer syncs to all devices through iCloud and I use a Hazel automation to back it up to Dropbox.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot recently about my website. Up to now I've had a nicely designed website that shows video, photos etc and gives details of work contacts and all the stuff - a professional website. But I've got bored of it and it's not easy for me to update without the help of the designer.

It also occurred to me that other places do a better job of hosting the various things than we can; Format is great for photographs, Vimeo for video, Soundcloud or similar for audio work, this place for blog posts etc. So I've decided to turn my homepage into a simple hub that will point people to the various sites where the other stuff is held. This seems like a more streamlined, easy-to-maintain solution that takes advantage of other people's hard work and innovation and shows everything off to its best effect.

As part of the prep for this, I'm rebuilding my Format portfolio of photographs from the ground up. It's all a mess at the moment, but there is one photo essay complete called Adventures In Film which is available to view now.