Messy Nessy

The Messy Nessy website is extraordinary. Do not click if you're on a deadline.

Messy Nessy

I did not know about the Messy Nessy site until Michael Marshall Smith mentioned it on the INFODUMP slack channel. I am about to lose the rest of the day to looking at pieces like this:

An Abandoned Overgrown Estate is the Last of its Kind in the Heart of Paris
Wild and consumed by nature, like a scene described by Dickens in Great Expectations – an estate frozen in time, fit for the reclusive Miss Havisham herself – a “country house” in the centre of the city, surrounded by Paris’ most coveted real estate, will go up for sale this week at auction.

And this:

We Could all Use a Good Conversation Pit Right About Now
It’s 1976. You kick off your platform clogs, pour a brandy, and snuggle up with your moustached companion in the cutting edge of groovy hangouts: the conversation pit. Arguably one of the most divisive home design features of our time, the conversation pit holds a very special place in our kitsch li

I recommend not clicking any of these links until you have a serious amount of spare time.