Julian Simpson

I was recently emailed by someone complaining about how hard it is to find information about me and my work. I get this. It's not deliberate, but it's not not-deliberate either.

There are probably ways to create a more accessible web-presence, and to bring the various things I've worked on or been associated with into some kind of useful order. But that seems like quite a lot of work and I'm not wildly into doing lots of extra work. I really enjoy being a bit hidden and just getting on with my work. (For reference see Themis House in the upcoming "Who Is Aldrich Kemp?", coming to your radios on February 18th, 2022.)

That people have to do a bit of digging to find me suits me just fine. It's like a hazing process; the people who get through seem to be more interesting.

So now you are here, this is what you might want to know:

I am a London-based writer and director working in film, TV and audio. In the past, I have worked, either as writer or director or both, on Spooks (MI-5 if you're in the US), Hustle, Hotel Babylon, New Tricks and Doctor Who.

My TV work in the UK pretty much stopped dead in about 2016. This wasn't by design, but I wrote a TV pilot script that got a lot of attention in America and that has been where the majority of my work has been coming from since then. That work has been mostly writing and, because nothing has yet been produced (watch this space), the credits do not yet show up on my IMDb page and I am legally not allowed to talk about any of them.

My official "work" website is at juliansimpson.uk. Many people have said they find this unhelpful. Those people might be missing the point.

In or around 2019 I co-founded a storytelling/world-building company called Storypunk. That does not yet have a website but it will, soon, and in the meantime we have made a sci-fi podcast series called TEMPORAL which is out to distributors as I type this (Feb 2022).

I have also made a number of audio dramas, including the "Lovecraft Investigations" podcast series, details of most of which are on the Radio and Podcasts page and can be investigated in-depth on the Pleasant Green Universe wiki on TV Tropes and on my Wikipedia page.

There isn't a veil of secrecy around what I do, but there is a veil of laziness draped over the promotion of it. If you want to find me, I'm on Twitter (@CartoonGravity), on Instagram (somewhat reluctantly) as @cartoon_gravity and on e-mail at cartoongravity@hey.com. I also have a portfolio of photographs on Format.

I'm repped in the UK by Sean Gascoine at United Agents, and in the US by Jeff Barry at Range Media Partners and Andrew Murphy at Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment.

I live in London with my wife and daughter and two quite annoying cats. This site is a kind of public scrapbook of thoughts, ideas and random nonsense.

Now you know as much about me as I do.