Cartoon Gravity No.4

Further random nonsense, with a really cool optical illusion.

Okay, first up. OH MY GOD THIS!

I really love these things because they basically confirm my (non-scientific) suspicion that “reality” is bullshit. That’s a useful point of view for a storyteller to have, I think, and it’s nice to have it reinforced now and again.

So, anyway, morning! Welcome to another weekend. I was up too early and have spent the past few hours trawling the internet for random nonsense instead of writing the novel that I promised myself I would write on the weekends.

The Craft notes app continues to go from strength to strength. This week I have delivered two separate concept documents as wiki links generated from within Craft, and they both worked really well. It’s a lot less daunting for execs to get a link to a wiki of interlinked short prose pieces with pictures than it is to land a 30-page PDF in their inbox. So far, it seems that the link gets clicked (because it’s so easy) and the reading starts way quicker than it otherwise would.

This week we also finished post-production on “Who Is Aldrich Kemp?”, which starts on Radio Four next Friday and, supposedly, is going to be dropped in its entirety on BBC Sounds on the same day. There should be a teaser episode doing the rounds this week and I’ll link to it when it’s available.

The other thing I’ve been doing over the last few days is scouring the excellent Analogue Wonderland site for camera film. I have a bunch of old film camera, my favourite of which is a little Russian Lomo LC-A, which is damaged in all sorts of interesting ways and is incapable of taking two identical pictures of the same thing. I've decided to carry it around with me a lot more and have some fun taking bad, damaged picture of things. It's basically anything to escape looking at the news, at this point.

So, a couple of things I found this morning:

This Antwerp attic loft is a marriage of old and new

The Eiffel Tower's Lost Art Nouveau Restaurant

And The Bygone Era Of The Hotel Detective because who doesn’t love a hotel detective?

Also, if you haven't heard it already, you have to check out the new song by Thom Yorke’s “The Smile” project:

Some highlights of this week’s Morning Pages :

The Daring Criminal Swordswoman Who Became an Opera Star!

The Storytelling Computer

Tim Ferris’ Six Principles for A Choice-Minimal Lifestyle

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Schwartz House is for rent in Wisconsin

Why comedians stopped being funny

Oh, Just a Decaying Soviet City in the Middle of the Sea

Illustrator Tomekah George on setting up a studio that promotes black artists

Imaginative Doodles by Vincent Bal Recast Shadows as Witty Illustrations

An International Photo Competition Illuminates the Captivating and Remarkable Sights of Earth's Landscapes

And I’m out, because this novel is apparently not going to write itself. As always, you can find me on Twitter as @cartoongravity or you can reply to this email with comments, suggestions, complaints.

Have a good weekend.