A new approach...

A different tone to this site?

A new approach...
Photo by Dominik Scythe / Unsplash

I’m changing how I do a lot of things right now, posting to the internet amongst them.

Over on Substack, the Development Hell newsletter is mostly about writing and making things, and I’ve just started a writing course over there.

The Pleasant Green website is a fiction experiment that builds out the world of The Lovecraft Investigations. I’m excited about the possibilities here, but it’s early days. Expect a new Kennedy audio bulletin imminently…

So where does this leave Cartoon Gravity? Well, taking a cue from Warren Ellis, I think this becomes even more of a journal/scrapbook than it was before. Warren posts multiple times per day; status update, notes, thoughts, whatever. I don’t know that I can be that prolific, but I’m equally not sure if what I have been attempting; complete posts of some kind or another, is sustainable.

I’m going to try out a more fragmented approach to this site and see how that works out.

I’m also trying out going all-in on Notion, and taking Obsidian and other notes apps out of the workflow for a while. I don’t LOVE writing notes in Notion, but I do love that those notes are attached to the projects I’m working on and that those projects are also broken down and scheduled within Notion, so it becomes an all-in-one app for a lot of my work.

If this works out, I’ll write a longer piece about it (form an orderly queue!). In the meantime, worth knowing that this move was inspired by the excellent NotionThings website and, in particular, designer Jamie Butler’s awe-inspiring Sidekick system.