Tuesday 09 January 2024

Akiflow, Paris, Substack, ChatGPT, some fun links

Tuesday 09 January 2024
Image: DALL-E

A belated Happy New Year. As promised, and starting as we mean to go on, a much shorter missive...

I went back to work officially yesterday, and am trying out (successfully thus far) scheduling my day so that all the actual writing work is done by lunch time. Akiflow is helping enormously with this.

I was in Paris for the beginning of the month, taking pictures on an Olympus Trip and a Hasselblad 500. This being film, the results are yet to be seen. But we did visit the Musée Carnavalet, which was brilliant and WELL worth a look if you're there any time soon. Looking around the museum made me realise how little I know about Parisian history, and the French Revolution in particular, so I have been diving into the relevant episodes of The Rest Is History podcast and have ordered a few books on the subject - I want to set a movie in Paris, and so I need all the esoteric lore I can find.

Substack seems to be in the process of expelling Nazis, which is a relief - Development Hell will be staying there for the foreseeable future.

I also recently got into Kirby Ferguson's new online course on ChatGPT. As Mo Gawdat said, in his own BBC Maestro course, (I'm paraphrasing) "AI is here to stay and it's only going to get more powerful and more ubiquitous. But long before you get replaced at work by AI, you will be replaced by someone who can use AI." To that end, I have dived into Kirby's course, which was really useful, and am now using ChatGPT 4 pretty successfully as a research tool (yes, I'm fact-checking it).

Rounding out Tuesday, some links I've been saving up:

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That's your lot. See you soon.