Image: DALL-E

I’m writing this in Scrintal, as a way to kick the tyres on an app that I have not really paid too much attention to up until now. A few pieces I’ve read recently by Ece Kural, the creator, most recently this one, indicate that there are some really interesting ambitions for the app, so I wanted to give it a proper go. I do really wish there was a mobile app, though.

The new series of Aldrich Kemp is written, as of yesterday. I need to run my eyes over the series as a whole, but I think it’s pretty good. We record in the first week of July (I’ve had to apply for a postal vote, to ensure I can play my part in banishing these clowns), and the show goes out, I believe, at the end of the year.

Our sci-fi audio series “Temporal” is released on Audible in August. More news on that when I have marketing material to share. But this show is HUGE - the biggest cast we’ve worked with on audio, an insanely ambitious space-and-time travelling story, all mastered in Dolby Atmos et etc. It’s going to be an experience.

On deck today: continuing a movie re-write, a movie first draft, a pitch deck for another movie, and more work on my first longform (or at least longer form) non-fiction piece. I was going to head to the gym first up, but it is raining and I am VERY easily dissuaded.