"Suffolk Landscape with Farm Buildings" Clive Madgwick. 1993
If only we'd stop trying to be happy we'd have a pretty good time.
Edith Wharton

Perhaps these daily notes I write to myself in Obsidian could be interesting as posts on Cartoon Gravity? They will at least help to mark our passage around the sun.

Every morning, when I first sit down at the desk, I seek out a picture for the day and copy it onto a fresh note, along with a random quote that Obsidian drags from... Somewhere.

In the mail today: some very rare Field Notes notebooks, with the Robert MacFarlane "Underland" design, which are supposedly unavailable but a set of which Clare at Nero's Notes found for me. Jana has already stolen one of them, on the basis that Robert is helping her with her PhD proposal and therefore she "should" have "at least" one of them.

Also, some Sailor Shikiori ink cartridges from Cult Pens.

All of which serves as a reminder that I should really get on with the longform piece I'm writing about notebooks for Substack.

On deck today: A TV script re-write, a movie re-write, a movie first draft and some more work on the third Aldrich Kemp series... Four projects is too much for one day, but let's see how we go...