The current app stack

One for the nerds.

The current app stack
Photo by Sean Stratton / Unsplash

I am still loving Tana. But I'm mindful not to put all my eggs in one app basket, so I'm spreading things a little thinner than previously. The current app stack looks like this:

  • Tana is my notebook, handling ideas, thoughts, story outlines etc.
  • Obsidian is where I'm writing blogs and newsletters (the latter outlined in Tana first - Tana has succeeded Workflowy in this respect, except where I need to work on mobile)
  • Twos, which I've just started trying out, will likely handle random lists and miscellaneous reminders.
  • ClickUp is currently doing the heavy lifting of keeping me on track with projects - I like the Gantt options in ClickUp, and that it will reschedule an entire project automatically when I inevitably fall behind.
  • I wrote all the seasons of the Lovecraft Investigations in Scrivener, because I needed to be able to maintain an overview of all ten episodes
  • Other scripts are mostly in Highland 2
  • Miscellaneous prose work is in Ulysses (again, often outlined in Tana first)
  • Despite being intrigued by Opera's new AI browser, which is in developer access, I am still sticking the Arc as the best browser I have ever used.
  • Raindrop is where all my links get dropped. It has its frustrations, but it's pretty good.
  • MyMind is still a wonderful repository of random and fun stuff that I want to keep hold of. Like this picture:

Have a good one.