Friday notes

Some random notes at the end of the week

Friday notes
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Some notes this Friday morning...

I launched my writing course on Substack at the weekend. I'm excited about the possibilities of this. You can sign up for that and the rest of the Development Hell package over at Development Hell | Julian Simpson | Substack

Past the halfway mark on the scripts for the fourth season of The Lovecraft Investigations, bringing the various threads of the story together. This will be a slightly shorter season than usual because the BBC are formatting the show differently. The story is therefore not as expansive, but I think it goes deeper into some of the ideas we've set up before. The plan is to record in June for an October release.

The Pleasant Green website is also now up and running, as a fiction experiment in a different medium. The first of the new Kennedy Fisher bulletins is also up there: Pleasant Green

Posting to this site has been patchy of late, because I usually schedule it for first thing in the morning, but I have started noodling with an idea for a novel and that has slipped into the early morning slot. If the novel takes off, I will probably engage with it fully if the upcoming Writers Guild strike kicks off on Monday.

I started off writing the novel in Obsidian, using the Longform plugin, but that fell over a couple of days ago, so now I'm trying out Ulysses for the project.

Arc Studio – Professional Screenwriting Software has added an AI research component to its software, which I am fairly agnostic about, but they've also added a notes panel to the sidebar, which is super useful, and you can now write in Courier Prime Sans, which is nice.

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