Wednesday Inspiration

A host of links to prompt something (anything!) on a snowy Wednesday morning.

Wednesday Inspiration

Some inspirational links for a snowy Wednesday morning (I really need to figure out the colour palette on this site)...

Take a virtual tour of Svalbard's ‘doomsday’ seed bank - The Spaces

Arts & Crafts Hampstead flat asks for £475,000 - The Spaces

Two Scientists and an Amazing Encounter With a Sea Serpent

Margaret Atwood Is Ready to Let It Rip | WIRED

María Jesús Contreras reveals the healing impulse behind her surreal and retro art | Creative Boom

The 2022 World Nature Photography Awards Vacillate Between the Humor and Brutality of Life on Earth — Colossal

Highlighting Wildlife in Crisis, 'The New Big 5' Celebrates the Diversity of the World's Animal Denizens — Colossal

What Makes Us Bold - Nautilus

How the Biggest Fraud in German History Unravelled | The New Yorker

How to Find Joy in Your Sisyphean Existence - The Atlantic

Australia’s Journey Beyond unveils a futuristic vision for train travel - The Spaces

All aboard! Wes Anderson’s train carriage celebrates the golden age of rail - The Spaces

What Isaac Asimov Can Tell Us About AI—And Robots That Love - The Atlantic

Nature, folklore and fairytales inspire artists Emily Pettigrew and Ryan Steadman | Creative Boom

And ending with this amazing animation from Alain Biet:

Have a good one.