Thursday's Research Links

Some snippets of research for the Lovecraft Investigations

Thursday's Research Links

I've had a really positive response to the idea of starting a Substack about writing for screen and audio, so I'm putting the project together as of now. The big obstacle, as so often, is coming up with a good title. Once that's done, I'll start building the thing and I'll let everyone know where it is and what the price point is etc.

In the meantime, some snippets of research I've been doing for the next series of Lovecraft Investigations. I'm pretty sure you can look over these with no fear of spoilers, because the trick isn't knowing this stuff, it's how it fits together, and I don't think that's obvious yet (at least, isn't obvious to me!). These are mostly Wikipedia links, because a lot of the research I'm doing is coming from physical books right now:

Ratcliff Highway murders - Wikipedia

Ley line - Wikipedia

J. F. C. Fuller - Wikipedia

Edith Starr Miller - Wikipedia

Nordic League - Wikipedia

The eerie emptiness of 'Britain's Area 51' - BBC Future

Egregore - Wikipedia

List of missing treasures - Wikipedia

In other news, we've decided to delay the Lovecraft 4 bulletin that was due to hit in January. Candidly, this is because the bulletin locked me into a story point that I'm not sure I want to be locked into at this stage. I still think there will be bulletins, but whether this particular one sees the light of day is in question at the moment.

Have a good one.