Writing Prompts and Inspiration

Some links to get the brain working.

Writing Prompts and Inspiration
'Single Oak', Siemen Dijkstra, colour woodcut, 2008.

The idea of Morning Pages has lost its shine slightly, and the entries on here with that title tend to be a little difficult to sift through, so for 2023, I'm going to try to be a bit more specific with the posts on here.

To that end, the following links are a mix of writing prompts and inspirations.

Did the Piri Reis Map Show Antarctica Before Its Discovery?

Why Do People Believe in Ghost Stories? - Nautilus

Darwin Was a Slacker and You Should Be Too - Nautilus

The Great Smog of London woke the world to the dangers of coal

When Parisian Brasseries Became Daylight Brothels

Why Did this Celebrated Surrealist Talent Get Cancelled?

From busking portrait painter to full-time artist: inside the work of Nash Weerasekera | Creative Boom

Creatives need better coping skills for failure, says agency boss David Palmer | Creative Boom

And finally, useful to everyone in some way: 11 important lessons creatives have learned this year, to help you thrive in 2023 | Creative Boom

Have a good one.