Friday Stuff

GCSE revision tools, Warren Ellis's work routine, crochet food, ghosts.

Friday Stuff
Monica Poole - "Edge of the Woods"

Congratulations, you made it to the end of another week. (Really, I'm not sure that any of the other options were very attractive).

If anyone has kids doing prepping for exams at the moment, I can't recommend these guys enough: GCSE and A level revision planning made easy - The Study Buddy. I have rarely had such diligent and personal service from an online business - they really care and they personalise what they're doing to the needs of your kid, going above and beyond to make sure you have what you need.

Warren Ellis, the writer not the other one, has posted this on his site. His work routine is nothing like mine, but everyone's work routines are interesting to me: Morning Routine And Work Day, January 2022 – WARREN ELLIS LTD

I feel like crochet is making a big comeback. I cannot back this up with paperwork, but here's a good example: Crocheted Toasts, Ramen, and Turkey Dinners Are Prepared with Rich Fibers by Maria Skog — Colossal

I may have posted this before, but it's worth another look anyway: Why Do People Believe in Ghost Stories? - Nautilus

This week has been a mess of recording sessions on Who Killed Aldrich Kemp?, meetings, and bits and pieces of writing. This afternoon promises the annual board meeting of our company and the morning is going to be full of writing.

At some point, a new washing machine is being delivered, because apparently no one repairs anything any more - it has become cheaper to buy a new one than get parts for the old one. I don't like this but, as a tenant, it's not my choice.

Current reading: The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper.

Weekend movie recommendation: The Menu.

Have a good one, I'll try to get a proper newsletter out this weekend.