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Morning Pages

I delivered a draft of a movie script yesterday. I'd been working on it for a couple of months, first thing every day, and so now there's an adjustment to be made as I plan my days without this thing in them.

We record the next series of Aldrich Kemp in December, so getting those scripts ready is now the main focus. This is such a fun show to write, but when it goes wrong, as it has a couple of times in the past few weeks, it's incredibly hard to unpick and put right. As I've said in the past, I write this show without a plan, which is liberating but you always run the risk of taking a wrong turn and writing yourself into a corner. Today and tomorrow are going to be spent backtracking and course-correcting.

I've switched my main Mastodon instance and headed to a quieter community. I'm now If you were already following me, you should have been transferred to the new account.

I also now have accounts with Hive and Post, but I'm not sure where those are heading. I've mainly signed up just to claim my name in case they turn into something interesting.

Mastodon has also rekindled my interest in film photography. I haven't shot film for a few months but the BelieveInFilm hashtag is throwing up so many great examples of the form that I'm going to dive back in now that I have a little time.

I finally got around to watching THE SHALLOWS last night, which is a fun movie if you're not fussy about realistic shark behaviour.

That is all the news on a crisp Tuesday morning. Here are some links, focused mainly on nice things to look at:

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Have a good one.