Morning Pages

Scrintal, Walling and the apps I'm using most. With a special shout out to Typora.

Morning Pages

My head is currently in Scrintal, a markdown text solution which has a really nice methodology for visualising connections between ideas. I don't think it's an everyday app, but it looks like it's going to be great for brainstorming. I'm in the process of loading all my Pleasant Green notes into it, to see what it can do with them.

I'm also noodling around sporadically with Walling, which is a very pretty app but which I am yet to find a unique use for. It basically offers the opportunity to scrapbook links, images, ideas etc. But I'm not sure it's better at managing any of those items than the narrower alternatives.

Right now I use MyMind for managing images (the image above, by Peder Mork Monsted, came from my MyMind archive) , Obsidian for notes, Napkin for ideas and Raindrop for bookmarking stuff online, and those all work really well. Obsidian, especially, has become an app that I can't live without and which is going to take a lot of beating.

I've recently re-adopted Scrivener for a lot of scriptwriting stuff. That thing is an unwieldy beast at times, but it's like a surgical tool for doing re-writes; you can grab sections of a script and re-work them as one, you can drill down into scenes really well and you can see the layout of your whole script all the time. For series like Lovecraft Investigations, it's particularly useful to have the scripts for every previous episode to hand at all times.

I've also been revisiting Typora, which is the most gorgeous text editor I have ever used. It doesn't quite have the functionality of IA Writer, from which I can directly publish this post, for example, but it is an amazingly quiet, minimalist space in which to work on prose.

I leave you this morning with a single link, to the incomparable Nautilus magazine:

How We Remember Last Weekend - Nautilus

Have a good one.