Morning Pages

An amazing apartment in Barcelona, How to build a personal library, the Azores, web design.

Morning Pages

I took a look at Amplenote this morning, but I can't see anything that it does that isn't done better by Obsidian or ClickUp.

By the same token, I'm really trying to fall in love with Logseq, but I find the inability to find your files without actually searching for them by name to be obnoxious.

Some links, collated via the amazing Arc Browser and Raindrop:

Renovation challenge: a Barcelona apartment with spectacular tiling - The Spaces - This place is amazing.

Kahlil Gibran on How Storms Catalyze Creativity – The Marginalian

Brilliant Star Trails Sweep Above a Fierce Tangle of Lightning in a Striking Photo | Colossal - this is a startling image

Heavenly architecture: inside a converted Wiltshire church - The Spaces

Mottled, Marbled, and Speckled Glazes Ooze Over Ceramic Vessels in Thick Pastel Drips | Colossal - these are really pleasing for some reason.

V&A opens the first major exhibition dedicated to South Korean pop culture | Creative Boom - excited about this.

Guide to Iceland is the new gold standard for travel websites | Creative Boom - a really interesting deep dive into a piece of great web design

How to nurture a personal library | Psyche Guides - entirely in my wheelhouse

The Azores: Secrets of Europe’s Hawaii

Have a good one.