Morning Pages

Arc Browser, Inoreader, Hausssmann's Paris and the Men In Black.

Morning Pages
Photo by Mario Calvo / Unsplash

The Arc browser seems to make the process of going over newfeeds and blog posts in the morning a little smoother. I'm back to using Inoreader's homepage for my RSS feeds, rather than an external app, mainly because I like how Inoreader presents articles in a grid rather than a list.

I have the Raindrop plugin for Arc set up, so that I can scoop pieces straight into that and then triage them from the Raindrop app to wherever they need to be.

I've created a separate Cartoon Gravity space within Arc which has an Easel ready and waiting, to grab thoughts and links for the next newsletter, a note that is permanently open that can receive snippets of ideas, and the dashboard of the site itself so that I can add posts, make changes etc. Having everything in one place and nothing else to distract is incredibly useful.

Two pieces that caught my eye this morning:

When They Say 'Haussmann's Paris', What Do They Mean?

Albert K. Bender: The Mysterious Character Who Started the M.I.B. Phenomenon

Have a good one.