Morning Pages

A hellish hotel in the air, old pharmacies and power stations, Warren Ellis's creative process.

Morning Pages

Morning, and Happy July.

A few odds and ends for you this morning. Firstly, this video, which is both a vision of the future and a vision of absolute hell. I quite like flying, but even I don't want to be in a plane any longer than I absolutely have to.

Messy Nessy Chic has found this:

The World's Oldest Pharmacy, Still Selling Potions for Graverobbers and Queens

And then there's this...

Take a peek at Battersea Power Station's restored Control Room A - The Spaces

...because who doesn't love old tech?

And lastly, Warren Ellis has written a piece about his creative process, which is remarkably similar to what my brain does when I start putting together things like the Lovecraft Investigations.

What I’m Talking About When I Say I’m Thinking About New Stories – WARREN ELLIS LTD

Now I need to watch Alphaville.

Have a good one.