Morning Pages

Back into Workflowy, and a smattering of interesting links.

Morning Pages
Photo by Paul Pastourmatzis / Unsplash

This might be the stupidest thing I've read this week: Pringles Started a Petition to Rename This Lookalike Spider - Nerdist

I got back into Workflowy this week, an app that I haven't used for a while. While various claims are made for its ability to be a journaling/productivity/PKM/life management app, I don't find that it does any of those things very well. It's simpler than Obsidian, but a lot less flexible.

Where Workflowy excels, though, is as an outliner. The ability to structure story and documents, to zoom into specific areas that you want to flesh out, and to present your structure in a multi-layered Kanban format (ideal for working out act structures and getting an overview of a project) is unparalleled.

Workflowy syncs seamlessly to iOS devices and, unlike Obsidian, is really easy to use on a phone.

A smattering of other interesting links:

Patrick Nelson's breathtaking collages bring a graphic design sensibility to the world of art | Creative Boom

Three pages a day | Oliver Burkeman

Opinion | The Radical Reign of Clarence Thomas - The New York Times (Apologies if this one requires a subscription)

The Fateful Lovers' Suicide that put the World at War

Why comic books became a writer's medium | GamesRadar+

And lastly, the wiki entry for Eric Ravilious, who was a really fascinating British artist: Eric Ravilious - Wikipedia

Have a good one.