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Some escapism.

Morning Pages
Photo by Karine Avetisyan / Unsplash

Getting a few links out of the inbox this morning:

What would a flying-free world look like? - BBC Future

Turtle Bay Gardens mansion is an Italian palazzo in Manhattan - The Spaces

Elaborate Narratives Emerge From the Surreal, Mysterious Worlds of Victo Ngai’s Illustrations | Colossal

We Were Here - Nautilus | Science Connected

Letters from the Loneliest Post Office in the World - Atlas Obscura

An Abandoned Farmhouse Transformed Into a Life-Size Dollhouse by Heather Benning Reflects on Ideas of Home | Colossal

No, I still have not written the promised piece on film photography, but what I HAVE done is update my Format site to show the better photographs I've taken in the past month or so. You can see that here: Home - Julian Simpson

Have a good Thursday.