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Morning Pages
Rayograph, Man Ray


I've been a little slack with these posts recently. I think that's partly because I don't stick to routines well. For a few weeks, I would peruse the interesting bits of the internet over my morning coffee and then distill the good stuff into one of these posts. More recently, that morning coffee period seems to have been taken up with answering emails and tinkering with the idea of doing some work, and so the Morning Pages have slipped by the wayside.

I don't know yet what I'm going to do about that, but I'd like to get back into a routine. Perhaps I need to change the shape of these posts, or at least acknowledge that if I try to give them the same shape each time, I'll get bored.

Are we all staying on Twitter? I haven't yet formulated an opinion on Elon Musk's latest acquisition. I get why people are upset, but it remains to be seen how much Twitter will actually change - it feels like the tone is set by the users, not the owners. And I don't know enough about either Jack Dorsey or Elon Musk to judge which is the more able custodian of what is, essentially, the online version of a Hellmouth.

I mostly follow people who post interesting photographs and pieces of art, so I no longer see most of the toxic stuff on the platform anyway.

Anyway, a couple of links:

Before There Was Emily in Paris, There Was Sally Jay Gorce

The Candy Men: Photographs by Jon Enoch featuring the candyfloss sellers of Mumbai

George Byrne's abstract photos of Los Angeles turn the city into a candy-coloured dreamscape

I'm currently reading "Self Portrait" by Man Ray, which is excellent so far, watching "Slow Horses" and "Severence" (also both very good) and taking lots of photographs (most of which are not very good, but I'm getting better).

The big piece on analogue photography is still coming, but so are the pictures I'm waiting on from the lab...

Anyway, that's me this morning. I hope you have a good one.