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The usual thing... Surrealists, Chainsaws, New Species, Extreme Pogo, Vending Machines, Secret Museum, Masturbation Society

Morning Pages
Photo by Mike Kenneally / Unsplash

Only briefly popping into your feeds this morning with some links that cropped up before I went away for the Easter break. It's a mixed bag, but everything in this list is worth your time...

Summering with the Surrealists: Sea, Sex and Sun

Lavishly Dressed Women Equipped with Shovels and Chainsaws Consider the Tools Used for Change

New species discovered this year

The Gravity-Defying Ups and Downs of Extreme Pogo

A day in the life of (almost) every vending machine in the world

A Parisian Collector’s Museum Hiding Away in the Marais

Oh Nothing, Just an 18th Century Masturbation Society

I promised a piece on film photography, which I bet you can't WAIT for. I, however, am waiting - for film to get processed; I sent a bunch of rolls to one lab and a bunch to another. Both labs seem good but I wanted to compare their services before I pick one as a preference. Easter and Covid have meant that both labs are working a little slower than I'm sure they would like, so I'll be putting the piece together when I've got the results.

Have a good one.