Morning Pages

Aldrich Kemp pieces, nice places to live, non-human graveyards, a modernist island, dungeon fronts, Ursula Le Guin.

Morning Pages

This is being sent out to subscribers as well, lest they think I've died.

Morning. Happy Wednesday.

If you've missed hearing from me, you can hear even more from me in this interview with Sci-Fi Bulletin I did about Who is Aldrich Kemp?

The show also got a stunning review from Miranda Sawyer at the weekend.

I'm hoping to get a proper newsletter out this weekend. We haven't discussed process for a while, and I have some things to say about Trello, which I'm now using extensively, and Obsidian. I've also taken up film-photography again, so strap in for some enthusiastic raving about that.

A few links have accumulated in Raindrop that I should probably get out into the world. Most of them are property porn, I'm afraid, because there's been some good stuff in that arena lately:

As usual, Messy Nessy Chic provides a couple of interesting pieces:

That last one provides serious Prisoner vibes.

The RPG enthusiasts among you might be interested in the notion of "Fronts", which I'm also figuring out how to incorporate into story-telling. Here's a piece on the idea.

And while we're on stories, this essay by Ursula Le Guin came up in a writers room the other day and it's well worth a look: The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

That's it for today. Have a good one and I hope to see you at the weekend.