Morning Pages

Linklater's latest, Rear Window boardgame, nature photography, railway ghosts

Morning Pages

I've been swamped with work over the past week or so, so there hasn't been a newsletter or much in the way of Morning Pages. But I do have a few links for you here, that have been gathering dust in Raindrop...

Let's start with a video: the trailer for Richard Linklater's new movie, which looks awesome.

Nerdist brings new of a Rear Window boardgame that will be available later this year.

A treat for your eyes - the winners of the World Nature Photography Awards

A trio of cool apartments; one in Paris, one in New York, and one in Lisbon.

And finally, some alarming news that I'm AMAZED the mainstream media are not all over: High Speed Rail Construction in England Could Cause Rise in Ghosts

Have a good one.