Morning Pages, Ye-Ye culture, Korean sculpture, Virgina Sterrett.

Morning Pages
Photo by David Travis / Unsplash

I'm attempting to create this morning's pages in is a new note-taking app that I have been glimpsing in my peripheral vision now and again, but have not really focused on. It works on a timeline, so any note you add moves to the top and then, when you scroll down, you see all of your previous notes arranged by date (which is what would happen in a physical notebook). Tags and links help to organise the notes but there are no folders, so the whole experience is non-hierarchical.

I'm coming to this out of Obsidian, and that is quite a leap for me because I'm deeply embedded in Obsidian now, and I use it for pretty much everything. Mem would be a big change, but it seems like it's worth exploring because I suspect, at some point soon, it is really going to take off.

What I particularly like about it is how it captures; a single keyboard shortcut while reading an online article will create a new Mem and drop the article link right onto the timeline with whatever tags are useful.

The only way to really kick the tyres on a new app is to use it, so I thought'd I'd give it a go this morning.

We're starting with yet another find on MessyNessyChic: A Crash-course in French Yé-Yé Pop Culture

Over on Colossal, a new Korean sculpture caught my attention: SpaceWalk: A Spectacular Rollercoaster-Esque

And the always-amazing Brain Pickings had these incredible illustrations by Teenage Artist Virginia Frances Sterrett

Now I just have to figure out how to get this piece out of Mem and onto the site...

OK, that was easy, if inelegant. A simple copy-paste brought everything into Obsidian, links and all, with no apparent difficulty and from here I can go through my usual process to get the thing online.

Maybe Mem is the future of something? There's no iOS app at the moment, so that really impacts usability, but I know they are working on one. Watch this space...

Have a good Friday.