Morning Pages

Anita Berber, Origami Knights, "Providence"

Morning Pages

Morning, hope you're ready for the week.

Just a couple of things jumped out at me this morning. The first was MessyNessyChic's profile of German dancer and choreographer Anita Berber: She was Too Scandalous, Even for 1920s Berlin

The second was this utter marvel: Two Elaborately Armored Origami Knights Arise from a Single Sheet of Paper

Last week I read Alan Moore's "Providence", which I heartily recommend if you've ever wished someone would do a "Watchmen" with the Lovecraft mythos. It helps to read "Neonomicon" as a companion piece (you probably want to read that first, actually).

I'm diving into the editing and mixing of "Who Is Aldrich Kemp?" this week. The hard work has been done by other people and now I get to spend a few days saying things like "can the music be louder?" and "do we have another take of that line?"

I'm juggling a lot of projects at the moment, so I need to spend this week making some serious progress on one or two of them so that I can start to piece together some kind of work schedule for the next couple of months. I don't think it's going to be a particularly easy or fun week, but I make things up for a living so I always have to remember I'm grading on a curve - being busy is not exactly a hardship.

Have a good Monday, don't break anything.