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Austin Kleon, Heat 2, audio updates

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Photo by Federico Respini / Unsplash

I have always felt vaguely guilty about taking up your valuable time with this blog and the occasional newsletter. I get kind responses to things, so I appreciate it is not universally loathed, and I realise that people have signed up for this nonsense of their own free will. But I still imagine those people are wracked with regret at giving me their email address and are just too polite to unsubscribe.

So it was nice to read Please, for goodness’ sake, start a mailing list on Austin Kleon's site today. It made me realise that someone are just passingly interested in what I'm up to and would like to be kept informed in a non-invasive manner.

In news-you-absolutely-would-never-have-expected, I offer: ‘Heat 2’ — Upcoming Novel by Michael Mann and Meg Gardiner. I have yet to process whether I'm looking forward to this or not, but it's certainly a thing that seems to be happening.

In the spirit of the Austin Kleon piece linked above, next week sees me and sound designer David Thomas putting finishing touches to my new BBC Radio 4/Sweet Talk series "Who Is Aldrich Kemp?", ready for its air date in February. And our massive sci-fi podcast series, "Temporal", which was recorded and mixed last year, heads out to distributors in search of a home this weekend.

Have a good one.