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Moon Knight, Joss Whedon, Crypto Bros "buy" Dune

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Brevity is key this morning, as I really ought to be doing some work.

First up, a first look at Marvel's Moon Knight. I wasn't hugely interested in this when it was first announced, but the trailer does look awesome.

This next one I'm posting-without-comment, not least because I only read it this morning and am still processing. I don't know if it's honest or accurate, if it's a cynical attempt at rehabilitation (and probably not a good one at that) or a real exercise in self-examination. Whatever it is, and whatever you think of it, this Vulture piece on Joss Whedon is an interesting read. (Notwithstanding the truly horrific "explanation" of his argument with Gal Gadot).

Also, FWIW, I watched the Znyder cut of Justice League and found it to be infinitely superior to Whedon's. I also didn't have a problem with Ray Fisher's storyline or performance. I really don't know what Joss is on about there. If he really is rehabilitating, I guess he still has some work to do.

Lastly, continuing on a theme (honestly, I'm really not trying to find these pieces, but they keep coming at me), this story broke yesterday and really made me laugh: Turns Out the Crypto Bros Who Bought Jodorowsky's Dune Book Aren't Sure How Rights Work

Have a good one.